Himbara Helpless

The RNC Nazi inspired propagandist, David Himbara, is reaching record setting anger and frustration levels. President Kagame’s arrival in Belgium to address the European Development Days (EDD) is pushing the RNC propagandist overboard. Belgium is a major spot in his propaganda circle, a crucial stage that RNC has been using to launch smear and slander targeting Europe.

The entire reason for Himbara to wake up in the morning, for almost 10 years now, is to tarnish Rwanda’s image with a particular focus on Rwandan Leaders and Rwanda’s successes. Any awards or recognitions of Rwanda’s giant leap from the 1994 Tutsi Genocide to the current recovery, is a knife stab in Himabra and RCN’s back. David Himbara is used to helplessly seat behind a screen as Rwanda is honored against all his propaganda smear yet this time, in Belgium, it is going to be very painful for him.

He reacts with frantic attacks on all of Rwanda’s symbols, the airline, the convention center, even the ‘general beautification’ of Kigali is attacked. He so hell bent to tarnish that he tarnishes beauty and trust the propagandist to throw in fake statistics! My favorite part of his rant has to be when he claims Rwanda is the poorest East African country, a community of 6 countries, and then lists 2 of the 6 countries that should be exempt from his ranking. Ridiculous.

The RNC propagandist’s week is not beginning well, to be fair to him, his entire 10 years long campaign has been a massive failure so this week should not be different.

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