Himbara The Plagiarist

David Himbara the RNC propagandist that calls himself an educator, while spending all his time writing smear and slander, is now plagiarizing others after recycling himself. As he ran out of steam recycling even 3 years old articles, initially, it was amusing to most readers. Quickly, it became apparent that his nonstop repetition of his RNC narrative, his nonstop recycling was one of Goebbels tricks, the Nazi propagandist tactic. We called him out and denounced his Nazi tricks.

Suddenly, to divert from the unmasking of his Nazi tactics, Himbara turned around this morning and began calling other people Goebbels. Himbara should really be the one called Goebbels; both designed and executed propaganda based on lies, smear and slander. Ironically, his open letter depicts worrying lack of knowledge and intellectual limits of the RNC propagandist.

He wrongly attributes “if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” to Goebbels (see picture below). By copy pasting blindly from my previous article, Himbara falls flat on his face in his claim that he is an educator and propagates a wrongful attribute.

The RNC propagandist must be under duress to resort to yet another desperate measure, plagiarism.

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