David Himbara, the RNC ran out steam as earlier established, recycling old trash and going back up to three years old articles in an effort to remain relevant. In his attempt to restart his hateful smear and slander, Himbara is now recycling old videos.

As a sponsored attack troll paid by Museveni and Rujugiro to tarnish and smear Rwanda at all cost, Himbara has simply run out of negative slander. He is probably under pressure to restart, to reboot but so far he has only used old videos. His sponsors do not understand that Himbara is simply running out of words.

To combat his fake news and his latest recycling stunt, below are two old clips showing President Kagame interacting with Citizens. We could share recent clips, but Himbara would probably not appreciate it since he is in a recycling mode.


President Kagame with Elderly
President Kagame with Children

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