Seruga/CMI’s poisonous narratives on hijack in SA

Titus Seruga – CMI Operative

Titus Seruga, RPF Gakwerere and probably all CMI (Ugandan Military Intelligence) sponsored outlets are busy trying to capitalize on the death of Camille Nkurunziza in South Africa. They are busy trying to pin a South African (SA) police shootout with criminals on Rwanda. Strangely, an article insinuating that Nkurunziza was killed while being kidnapped by Rwanda appears to be copy-pasted by these CMI trolls. Ironically, they circulate an article that contains major contradictions and still casts suspicion on their fallen henchman.

The SA police stated they shot and killed two in a botched hijacking incident. Titus Seruga clearly repeats this in his article. He writes, “Two Kidnappers were killed in the process, police is still investigating whether Camir was killed by the Kidnappers who are of Rwandan origin or [in] crossfire”, and forgets that the SA Police says it opened fire on the suspected hijackers and killed two people.

In their propaganda hunt, they accidentally implicate Nkurunziza whose death is the subject of an investigation by maintaining a cloud of suspicion over the fatal shooting incident. So far, the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) and the police are investigating the shooting. The IPID’s involvement means that it is the police shooting that is under investigation and so far, what has been confirmed is that eight shots were fired by the SAPS member into the hijacked vehicle.

This time, Titus Seruga and his CMI allies will find it very difficult to sell their poisonous narratives. They will not manage to fake eye witness accounts, ballistic and autopsies reports. Their propaganda narratives will only turn against them once the IPID and the SA police publish their findings. It will prove how doctored, unreliable, useless Titus Seruga articles are.

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