RNC Chief Propagandist Milking Nkurunziza Death

David Himbara, the RNC’s Chief propagandist, is currently trying to milk the death of his departed henchman late Nkurunziza Camir.  The RNC liar is trying to milk it to turn it into something else, after his initial failed attempt to blame the death on Rwanda, he is now exploiting official reactions on the death.

When his RNC tried to blame the death of a terrorist, Nkurunziza, during a botched car hijacking incident in SA, they got the response that they deserved. Since it was the SA police that shot and killed Nkurunziza, why are Himbara and his crew dragging Rwanda in the story?

They should remember that in Rwanda, we know the true face of the RNC. We have seen and witnessed their grenade terror attacks, so if any one of them is involved in a violent armed incident, we naturally assume them to be responsible. Besides, according to the SA police, they shot two hijackers not car thieves.

As we all wait for the SA Police report, respectful of the departed, we can trust Himbara to keep pocking and provoking Rwandans on the matter. Carelessly, his cheap insinuations will continue to taint his fallen henchman as the response will always be to reveal more details about the violent nature of their organization. He should not expect victims of their violent armed terrorism to be sympathetic to their sorrows as even Himbara exploits the death, RNC has no sorrow for their fallen member.

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