Himbara Lies Again

David Himbara is once again using statistics to disseminate lies to depict Rwanda’s health system, one of the best health systems on the continent, in bad light.

As usual, he throws numbers in the air saying the doctor per capita is between 25000 to 68000. Where on earth has data been so inaccurate?

The world health organization, the UN, AU and many other credible institution praise Rwanda’s health and use it to carry out studies on how to offer universal health care. In 2018, Bill Gates called Rwanda’s health care a miracle – https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/rwandas-health-care-miracle-bill-gates .
If Himbara thinks we will believe his lies over Bill Gates’ observations, he should think again.

What the RNC conveniently forgets to mention in his propaganda piece is that Rwanda has universal healthcare. What use are Doctors if one cannot afford healthcare? The innovation of community based health insurance enables ordinary Rwandans to access healthcare and its success will not be tarnished by a mere propaganda piece.

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