Rwandaphobia In Uganda’s NewVision

In an effort to set the narrative that Rwandans are criminals, just to fan flames of hate and intolerance in Uganda, the Newvision has added to its long list of hostile Rwandaphobic articles a post on Rwandan jailed in Uganda. This article follows a long list of hostile propaganda entertained designed to promote hatred of Rwandans.

This is also done to cover the ongoing persecution of Rwandan in Uganda using cheap propaganda techniques such as catchy titles. To write that about 1300 Rwandans are in their prisons without mentioning their 55 000 Uganda in Prison is a deliberate smear attempt. Furthermore, in 2017, Ugandan statistics reported about 500 Rwandan jailed in Uganda. Why would their numbers almost triple in 2 years? Could it be the result of their sustained campaign to arrest innocent Rwandans?

In pushing a xenophobic editorial line, the Newvision wants to divert attention away from Ugandan Government failures. Uganda had the second most overcrowded prisons in 2018, according to the Newvision, a clear indication of the state of affairs in Uganda’s judicial sector. The Museveni regime has been busy jailing for the past 33 years while indulging in corruption, repression, nepotism, and now xenophobia.

The Newvision and the Ugandan government are therefore only trying to cover their unprecedented persecution on Rwandans and their own internal failures by creating a boggy man, a scapegoat.

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