David Himbara Is Not A Freedom of Speech Activist.

David Himbara, RNC’s Chief Propagandist, is angry that his medium blog is not accessible in Rwanda. He launches a vicious attack claiming that Rwanda censoring the internet. When the RNC’s propagandist cries censorship, it is exactly the same thing as if an Al-Qaida propagandist cries censorship.

Both RNC and Al-Qaida carry out terror attacks targeting civilians and both use communication to indoctrinate for their causes. Both organisations are run by armed groups but always have a innocent front desk to lure unsuspecting individuals on a radicalisation path. However, in this specific case of Himbara’s blog, he really should not be pointing fingers.

On Facebook, Medium and Twitter, He blocks anyone with a different opinion that challenges his lies. He uses censorship to quash anyone who calls him out on his propaganda. Why should he complain that his blog has been blocked? And how should we know that he did not block access from his side to have something to sell to his sponsors?

He makes money by hurling insults and lies on behalf of his sponsors, Yoweri Museveni and Trilbert Rujugiro. His blog is a dedicated attack platform full of hate speech, genocide denial and violence promotion. Blocking his hateful propaganda blog threatens his livelihood; his sponsors might reduce his pay as fewer people are exposed to his toxic lies.

To express his anger, Himbara comes up with a big lie misquoting his controversial source (Freedomhouse) that Rwanda is leading in internet censorship in East Africa. Yet according to Freedomhouse – controversial due to its alleged links to US foreign policy – both South Sudan and Burundi rank worse than Rwanda in terms of internet freedom in 2019. In the report shared by Himbara, Freedomhouse seemed to be more concerned about China’s transfer of monitoring and surveillance technology, it was written in 2018.

If he wants to become a real freedom of expression activist, he should start by unblocking everyone he blocked on Facebook and Twitter. The RNC’s propagandist is not an advocate of freedom of expression; he is a professional paid liar angry that he just lost a big chunk of his audience.

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