Kayumba Rugema, your war alarm reflects the level of your stupidity if not mental illness

For the last couple of weeks you have been using your facebook page to insult Rwandan leaders and to instil fear in the population of the region with an eminent war allegations. You have consistently made posts accusing Rwandan security of having plans to create instability in Burundi, DRC and now you are have concentrated on Uganda. Your allegations are mere propaganda aimed at creating animosity in the region and should be treated with the contempt they deserve.

Your latest posting “Rwandan mafias are ready for war with Uganda and target is killing Museveni…” raises concerns as to what you would gain if war ensued between the two countries. The post shows how stupid you are. If the war you are talking about happened, you will not be there in any case to fight it. Only stupid people like you can afford to talk about war that lightly and carelessly.

There is no doubt you are a Uganda propaganda tool. It appears you are being used by mafias in Ugandan security who want to use the pretext of stocking weapons for war with Rwanda, to swindle government money. With the known corruption in Uganda, anything that would necessitate buying weapons, opens a new window for them to swindle government money.

You mentioned two incidents which you claim to be the final testing of Museveni’s anger namely; shooting in Tabagwe and the closing border. Because of your ignorance or stupidity, you do not want talk about the circumstance surrounding each of the two incidences.

To those who would wish to know the truth, the press release by the Rwanda National Police explains the Tabagwe incident very well. The incident occurred on Rwandan territory in Tabagwe Sector, Nyagatare District when Rwandan security forces on patrol intercepted a suspected smuggler on a motorcycle who had crossed the border from Uganda at an ungazetted border point. The suspect resisted and turned violent, and was joined by others who attacked the officers with machetes. The officers shot in self-defence and two people lost their lives. There was no planning for the shooting and had there been no attempts to attack officers with machetes, it wouldn’t have happened.

Using posts maliciously, you present Gatuna border as closed which is not true. On the contrary, only heavy trucks were advised to use Kagitumba or Cyanika borders to enable completion of works at Gatuna One Stop Border Post. It is unfortunate that you would claim that the border was closed as a cover to move war materials and forces closer to Uganda without cross-border notice. This is idiotic and childish thinking. The border was never closed and you can check with Ugandan migration offices at Katuna and you will see that movement along the border never stopped.

Kayumba, you also claimed that Rwandan intelligence “thugs” are set to start harassing families of Ugandan diplomats in Rwanda and even killing Ugandans in Rwanda for war to be approved soon! This allegation shows how insane you have become. No one ever lectures Rwanda on how to respect Geneva Conventions on diplomatic immunities. While many Rwandan have suffered under the hands of Ugandan security with some being tortured by you, no Ugandan in Rwanda has been subjected to any mistreatment.

It is high time you approach your doctor before it is too late, otherwise very soon you will be running on the streets naked.

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