Himbara VW-Rwanda Attacks

Normally, David Himbara writes political attack pieces at the direction and on behalf of a terrorist organization, Rwanda National Congress (RNC). He attacks Rwandan institutions, political and social leaders. As a self-proclaimed activist, he usually pretends to be fair and balanced with democratic. Himbara’s facade, hides a dangerous side that of a vicious propagandist ready and willing to harm innocent bystanders.

For some strange reason, Himbara has picked a special interest in Volkswagen Rwanda publishing over and over again, a ridiculous lie that so far the firm has only sold one car. The lie is ridiculous for those who live in Rwanda, the number brand new Volkswagen cars on Rwanda road clearly makes that claim of only one sold car silly. To force this lie, Himbara publishes three times to attempt a self-fulfilling prophesy using statistics from Rwanda Revenue Authority. Himbara, who always claims he doesn’t trust government data, has a strange way picking and choosing government data when it suits him.

Himbara will criticize anything in Rwanda for political reasons; he will not spare private companies, non-government organizations, anything that might hurt the image of Rwanda. This is true for almost all his article and all his recently self-published books.

The tone with which Himbara writes illustrates his mindset toward an entire country. He writes, “You are a Banana Republic in urgent need of fighting extreme poverty”, insulting an entire nation. His careless attack is most probably due to pressure from his sponsors to publish smear.

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