Himbara wants MPs to travel to Uganda

The RNC propagandist, David Himbara, is pleading for members of parliament of Rwanda to attend a Commonwealth parliamentary event in Uganda. He writes a passionate plea to President Kagame to let a Rwandan MPs travel to Uganda.

Himbara links the commonwealth parliamentary event to the Commonwealth head of state summit to be held in Kigali. He argues that not going to Kampala will jeopardize the head of the state summit. As Himbara pretends to care, one must wonder on whose behalf Himbara is acting, it can certainly not be for Rwandan interest.

He conveniently ignores that parliament does not seek approval from the executive branch just to throw in his usual smear campaign.

Members of parliament require security guarantees. In this particular case, should Rwandan MPs travel to Uganda, they will need protection from the RNC and extra guarantees given the current high likelihood of problems for Rwandans in Uganda. The fact that their presence is being requested by the RNC propagandist who would never act against Uganda interest suggests that Ugandan is playing cheap politics for the public gallery.

Himbara doesn’t know whether Rwandan MPs have been invited, furthermore, he doesn’t know if the MPs declined the invitation. So far, Himbara is the only one who seems to have seen an issue relating to Rwanda MPs traveling to Uganda. Uganda probably sent an invitation to the Rwandan MPs but also instructed their attack dog, David Himbara, to publish provocations at the same time.

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