Himbara Suffers Delusions of Grandeur

The RNC propagandist, David Himbara, must be suffering from a serious mental illness. He is under the impression that authorities have blocked access to his medium account in Rwanda. There is no other way to say this, it is a big fat lie.

Psychiatrists call it delusions of grandeur or ‘folie des grandeurs’ in French also commonly known as megalomania. If untreated, it will lead to a full-blown schizophrenic breakdown. For Himbara to believe that a government will block or restrict access because of him is crazy, he is not that important. His false, imaginary story tops up to other public delusions on his blog.

He is always writing to Heads of States that don’t reply, and even goes to the extent of ending his messages with an ‘over to you’ probably thinking they will answer. Now he takes his delusions one step further, he writes to himself and proceeds to answer his own questions. Worryingly, he strategizes that there are two suggested solutions to his imaginary problem. One, copy paste his work, and two, attach screenshots but both are basically the same solution.

Himbara should know that the lack of readers from Rwanda is due to his mountain of fake news, of his constant insults and lack of depth. It is a boring blog that contains nothing but crazy, unbelievable tales. At this rate, Himbara’s delusions of grandeur eventually will lead him to claim that the government placed a microchip in his brain in the middle of the night

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