Nsabimana’s Achievements

Himbara calls Callixte Nsabimana “Sankara” a brave man who believes in fighting tyranny. In reality, Nsabimana only ambushed buses, killed innocent civilians, and openly bragged about his evil deeds. Now that he is in custody, Himbara calls him a hero and is trying to milk Callixte for his last worth, a public relation stunt.

Himbara, the RNC lobbyist, incites others with battlefields and war calls but stays far away from danger tucked away in Canada. The coward, who has never done anything brave in his life, has the audacity to use the same Shakespeare quote to compare the incomparable, Nsabimana and President Kagame.

Callixte Nsabimana attacked soft civilian targets and never braved a military target out of fear! Here are pictures of a Nsabimana’s “achievements”:

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