Professional Lies By Himbara

Himbara is professional liar trying to use an old trick to lie, he wants to use statistics. Writing about access to water in Rwanda, he is doing his usual Ugandan sponsored provocation articles. The current population of Rwanda is estimated to be around 12 million.

For our liar in chief, David Himbara, 83% of 12 million of Rwandans is equal to 12 million of Rwandans. He tries to trick us using urban and rural population data to deduct that the same data is synonymous to access to water. Is he therefore saying that no one has access to clean water in Rwanda? In an effort to mislead his readers, he provides a link to the World Bank that says nothing about access to water but that only states how many Rwandans are living in rural or urban settings. He distorts it as urban settlers have water, rural settles do not have access to clean water.

In his article responding to Olivier Nduhungirehe –Rwandan Minister of state for EAC Affairs–, the lazy RNC lobbyist and self-proclaimed educator “Googled” world bank data on population statistics and somehow concludes that those living in rural Rwanda do not have access to water. Himbara made his ten minutes of fame with an outrageous allegation that the government of Rwanda is cooking numbers yet he still uses their numbers to distort reality.

At this point, it would be relevant to ask him which government data he likes and trusts and which data he doesn’t like. Obviously, as a sponsored communicator of Anti-Rwandan forces, he only likes negative data. In any case, his love for the auditor general’s report only proves accountability in Rwanda, something he could not live with.

Contesting Himbara’s assertions is a long list on reputable NGO’s, including UN agencies that praise Rwanda for its remarkable 85% access to clean water (compared to his false imaginary 17%). It is also on track to be the first African countries to achieve 100% clean water access by 2024. He should do more than a mere Google search; he could take a look at what Unicef says about access to water in Rwanda. To avoid him the effort of research, here is the Unicef link (https://www.unicef.org/rwanda/child_rights_19672.html), maybe he can read, for once properly researched article by African Identity (https://thisisafrica.me/rwanda-on-track-first-african-country-provide-universal-water-access-by-2024/).

Importantly for our lying lobbyist, he should know that google is accessible to everyone. He is not the only person who can google “Rwanda access to water” and get the right information. Rwanda has been investing over $440 million in water supply and is set to be a continental leader in water and sanitation. Himbara should look elsewhere for his usual lies and smear campaign.       

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