New tricks: Islamophobia in Uganda CMI

CommandPost and Kandiho of CMI are now playing with Islamophobic fears.

They are confusing people that AQMI is in the great lakes simply because Qatar is coming to invest. That colonial brainwashing trying to keep us away and in chains.

They openly call Moustapha a terrorist on a wanted list so here is my question, can they prove that he is wanted?

Do they know the Moustapha is a political leader in his country? Do they know Moustapha secured the release of hostages by AQMI? Do they even know that Moustapha occupied very senior positions in Burkina Faso?

It is clear to me they know very little.

Why would they highlight President Kagame and not the Emir who happens to own PSG among other global business.

Are they trying to say they know better who is a terrorist than the Emir and President Kagame combined?

What authority do they claim here? They know better, they know more, they will choose who investments are welcome, they will tell us who is a terrorist?

They should focus on Kayumba Nyamwasa’s travels and Rugujiro’s investments, it is obvious that they are in touch with them, financed by them and directed by them. How do they travel? Or how does an FDLR die in German prisons with Ugandan citizenship?

THEY ARE CONFUSED, very confused.

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  1. A falling regime trying to look for all excuses including proxies to spread falsehoods! Museveni will be going very soon after 33 years of misrule.


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