New Kigali Review Tab

Kigali Reviews

It has been well over a month since launching Mucyo’s Blog. Initially, the blog is a review events and places in Kigali, around Rwanda, and tourist attractions.

As I was surfing online, I stumbled on a series of very hateful fakenews on Rwanda! Two in particular were shocking, David Himbara and one RPF Gakwerere. I then started a fakenews review and quickly discovered that it is an entire industry!

Fake news about Rwanda must be making them money, from Genocide denial to violent opposition groups like FDLR, RNC, P5, etc… have polluted the internet with so much fake news that it must be making them money.

To stay on track with the initial objective of this blog, reviews, I have just opened a new tab “Kigali Reviews” where I will post my reviews of events, businesses, venues, and maybe even football matches.  

My first review will be on Italian restaurants in Kigali, looking for the best Pizza.

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