RNC’s Himbara Manipulates Electricity Figures

RNC’s Himbara manipulates electricity figures to serve more of his lies

In his most recent blogpost, the RNC’s chief propagandist, the pseudo-professor David Himbara once again betrays his true motives, which is to tear down the administration of Rwanda, but more specifically, President Kagame.

The headline says it all: “Kagame Keeps Making and Breaking Bombastic Promises on Electricity. A person that writes a headline like that is not an objective person. Such a person is motivated by ulterior motives. When it is Himbara, of course his objective is clear. He is the chief propagandist of the group that is committed to bringing back violent conflict to Rwanda. His brief is to sow discontent with, and hate for the leadership of Rwanda. The propaganda and lies he spews are always along those lines. Himbara is a liar, who is paid to lie against Rwanda and its leadership by RNC’s chief financier Tribert Rujugiro.

Cold lies

In the article in which he claims that President Kagame has “broken promises on electricity”, he cleverly picks statistics from Rwandan government websites and uses them to serve his lie du jour. He says that in 2013 “Kagame made extraordinary electricity promises” that by 2017 “70 percent of Rwandan would have access to electricity”. He follows up with similar other promises the head of state made in 2016.

The RNC propagandist – a group whose activities amongst other things is to kill or maim Rwandans with grenades, making you wonder about his concern for Rwandans that don’t have electricity! – proceeds to hit President Kagame with claims that “only 51 percent of Rwandans are said to have electricity”, and quotes amounts of electricity produced that are lower than what the President said.

Skillful liar that Himbara is, he omits all mention of those Rwandans that have for the first time in their lives, in some of the remotest villages, have access to power. The liar also omits all mention of the sabotage of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, as a factor in Rwanda’s not meeting all its electricity targets. Ethiopia had agreed to sell power to Rwanda, and the Rwanda already had in place the infrastructure, i.e. pylons, to deliver the power to intended consumers. But the power had to go through Uganda, and guess who dragged his feet on having Ethiopian electricity traverse Uganda to Rwanda?

Yoweri Museveni, aka RNC chief patron, and personal paymaster to Himbara.

But worry not Himbara, Rwanda will deliver power to all her citizens, notwithstanding a few hiccups here and there, even those caused by your “Exhibit 1510” paymaster.

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