Himbara is super confused!

On Sunday, he wrote an article saying President Kagame fears crowds and cleared all roads.

By Wednesday, he writes President Kagame is forcing crowds to his venue.

His confusion stems from an inhumane order by his bosses to criticize anything and everything President Kagame does. His instructions are to begin every post with “Kagame” and then follow it with a lie.

Such an order is inhumane to Himbara as he woukd prefer to spend his time defending Genocide Convicts, abusing young minds and indulging in hallucinating substances that pumps up his ego.

As a con, he probably has his sponsors, Museveni and Rujugiro, hoodwinked to a believe that his work is worth their money.
So we have to ask them, how does it feel to waste $400,000 to lobbyist and get no tangible results?
Sources say Himbara inflated the bill and conned you by at least $45,000. His lies are expensive, ineffective and now incoherent.

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