Himbara is a Coward

Himbara is a coward, and we know this because he called himself one and he acts like one. From his hiding place, behind a screen, he calls for revolutions and wars but when the decisive moment nears, he hides far away.

That is how he missed an entire liberation war smoking and wrecking families in South Africa and in Canada. His is now busy calling President Kagame, who fought not one but two liberation wars a coward.

He says the President of Rwanda fears Rwandans, how does he justify the picture below? President Kagame risked his life time and time again to save Rwandans. While Himbara and his RNC are busy hiding and tormenting innocent Rwandans in Uganda, the President of Rwanda is busy keeping Rwanda safe.

David Himbara has never done anything good for Rwanda, in fact, he has never done anything good for humanity. David, the RNC lobbyist has tried to have Genocide convicts released and conspires with Ugandan security services to harm Rwandans, and failed. He failed to break Rwandan spirit with his RNC’s grenade throwing strategy and will continue to fail because Rwanda is a brave nation headed by a Brave President.

Below is a picture of a real coward

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