A Picture for Himbara

Himbara has found a picture of poverty in Rwanda. He is so passionate about poverty and misery that he goes out of his way to find a picture of it. He is very close to the Ugandan regime, in fact, he writes under their directives and with their permission.

Rwanda has suffered and was burnt down, it rose up again and continues to amaze world-class economists that do real research and are published unlike our google self-publishing con artist.

To ease his love for poverty, I have selected a more sensible picture. An illustration of poverty in Uganda that does not violate basic rules of decency. Unlike our RNC lobbyist, I will not share and zoom minors in their hardship.

Kawempe slum, Kampala Uganda
Source https://ugandaeastafrica.weebly.com/poverty-in-uganda.html

The picture above was taken in Uganda, I hope Himbara will share it with his masters, masters of Uganda. He should spend time advising Museveni and Kayumba on Uganda affairs and development issues.

At this rate, RNC (Rwanda National Congress) should just be renamed to UNC (Uganda National Congress). Since RNC attacks Rwanda, and is under Ugandan directives, and receives Ugandan support, why not simply call it UNC? The Obote UNC will have to excuse me for using their party name to describe a Museveni outfit.

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