Himbara, self publishing lies?

Himbara, the RNC lobbyist, is relentless in his lies. He targets a normal events and turns it into a conspiracy. Now he targets a hospital, for Himbara, a change in leadership of the hospital is a scandal.
I have been wondering why the lobbyist has been busy self publishing. Initially, he had me fooled in believing he is publishing researched academic papers, turns out that is a lie.
He thinks of something, writes it without research and the publishes. Sometimes he bothers doing a basic google search but almost all of the time, he simply cooks things up and presents them as facts.
It is a very well known crooks technique, ‘an expert opinion cone’, the man in a white coat says this and therefore it is true. Himbara does that all the time. Prof said this and therefore it is true.
He does so deliberately, without any research and failing to cone publishers, he resorts to self publishing.
The RNC lobbyist knows his writings cannot stand against an intellectual challenge. He will do everything to block a challenge. And if pressed in a courtroom or in a live show, he resorts to crying crocodile tears even when defending a convicted Genocidaire.

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