Wounded Himbara

RNC Chief Propagandist David Himbara is licking his wounds after a stunning defeat in Sweden. Full of his inflated ego, he travelled from Canada to Sweden to interfere with judicial process in favour of a Genocide convict. He miserably failed, he confused Sweden for Uganda.

The RNC and Himbara also suffered a major blow when one of their dirty-mouthed accounts on Facebook was taken down. Since then, Himbara has had to figure out a way to publish his hate rhetoric. Again, he turns to Uganda for help using trolls sponsored and controlled by CMI -Uganda’s Secret Police.

Himbara tried so hard to divert attention, writting about doom in economy but failed to get readership. He is now back to personal attacks.

After writing about the President of Rwanda and once again failing to attract readers, he is now spinning about in international affaires. The RNC lobbyist writes that the President does bot control the region, forgetting that no one said he was.

President Kagame is President of the Republic of Rwanda, a full time job that he does so well that every now and then he is elected by his peers to coordinate continental matters. Last year, he was the AU Chairperson, this year he heads the EAC Heads of States summit.

Its a shame that Uganda, for reasons only known to Museveni, is encouraging so much hate!

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