Himbara defends Genocide Perpetrators

Our fake Professor is growing up and graduating to the rank of Genocide defender. He was recently an official defendant for convicted genocide perpetrators. Traveling thousands of miles away, Himbara went to Sweden to assist and testify in favor of a Genocide convict Theodore Rukeratabaro. The motivations to this attempted betrayal is tactical, to avoid his own extradition.

He recently lost one of his brother, Callixte Nsabimana who was arrested and extradite to Rwanda from Comoros. His terror network which also include Genocidal forces is in complete panic, Rwanda announced and demanded that terrorist and Genocide perpetrators be extradite to face trial.

Typically, Himbara hides his links to Genocide perpetrators but as he feels the heat, the countdown to Callixte Nsabimana’s revelations he is stumbling and falling faster than expected. Progressively losing his sanity, he actually posted a separate article criticizing Presidential travels forgetting key differences. The President travels to promote Rwanda, Himbara travels to defend and promote genocide and terrorism.

In his tactics, he figured out that he should defend genocidal forces from extraditions to protect himself from the same. With the disappearance of RPF Gakwerere, Callixte, FDLR spokesman and many others, Himbara’s fragile state of mind might crumble under as pressure for his P5 outfit to be extradited to Rwanda to face trial. Sooner than he expects, Himbara might find himself in Rwanda on a special tour of Rwanda organized and paid for by the State Judiciary.  

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