RPF Gakwerere is hurting…

RPF Gakwerere aka Kayumba Nyamwasa must be feeling like someone just hit him with a body blow.

Only a few weeks ago, he was crowing that Nsabimana Callixte, alias Sankara, was not in the custody of Rwanda. That was after news emerged the fellow had been captured in the Comoros on an international warrant. Nyamwasa was all over Facebook, as “RPF Gakwerere”, giving supposed details how Sankara “had escaped the clutches of ‘Rwanda DMI’”!

One wonders how the fellow will be spinning the announcement that the so-called Sankara is in Rwandan custody.

Nyamwasa keeps losing allies from the so-called P5 group. After two senior FDLR officials recently fell into Rwandan custody, it is now Nsabimana Callixte. “Sankara who in pictures obviously is a character that fantasizes about being in his own movie is now realizing his game is no game. He is about to appear in court on really serious charges – the kind that attract very long prison sentences.

“Gakwerere”, stew on that for a moment. Rwanda has a formidable security and judicial apparatus. It also has a very efficient diplomatic service.

Nyamwasa, Himbara, Rujugiro, Rusesabagina and their associates will know Rwanda is not a weak or failed state to joke with.

RFF Gakwerere, “Radio Rugali”, Rusesabagina and associates jubilated that Sankara “was free” in Comoros. They gave self-fellating interviews; made people read their endless nonsense and even took credit for “liberating Sankara”.

We have been saying this all along, these RNC and FDLRs on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media all are fake news. I wonder what they will tell us now; will they even mention their “heroic” Sankara? Makes one break out into laughter.

I can’t wait to hear their frenzied lies and distortions.

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