Crazy Himbara

Himbara is a liar… a big liar.

Himbara writes a fiction of imaginary new travel advisories against Rwanda that is risking a Visit Rwanda promotion deal with Arsenal. The UK travel advisory has not been updated since the 2nd of April and it is a very positive review if we compare it to neighboring countries. A closer look at two other countries in the region to understand how ridiculous Himbara is.

The UK government travel advice offers maps when an area is of concern. It color codes with green (see our travel advice before travelling), amber (Advise against all but essential travel) and red (Advise against all travel). It is important to not that the lack of a map means it is safe enough to travel without additional advice. Rwanda and Tanzania have no maps indicating areas of concerns. Uganda has a single Color, (See our travel advice before travelling) and Burundi and others have multiple colors.

Here is an illustration of Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda

RWANDA (no map)

“Safety and security section (Local travel) – Rwanda has changed its own travel advice, which advises Rwandan nationals against travel from Rwanda to Uganda; this does not affect travel by other internationals including British Nationals, but does mean additional checks may take place at the border.”

UGANDA (See our travel advice before travelling)

“Safety and security section (Local travel – south west Uganda) – Release of a foreign national and Ugandan national on 7 April 2019 kidnapped in Queen Elizabeth National Park
The arrest of a number of opposition Members of Parliament following violence around the Arua by-election on the 15 August 2018 has led to heightened political tension. There is an increased likelihood of protests, which may turn violent, across Uganda. You should remain vigilant, avoid large crowds and public demonstrations and follow local media for updates.”

BURUNDI – (Advise against all but essential travel / Advise against all travel)

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all travel to:
• Cibitoke and Bubanza provinces
• areas of Bujumbura Rural province west of the Rusizi river towards the Democratic Republic of Congo border, with the exception of the Rusizi Delta Nature Reserve
• the road north of Bujumbura airport towards Cibitoke
• the main road running west from Kayanza through the Kibira National Park
• Ruvubu National Park
• The FCO advise against all but essential travel to the rest of Burundi.
The FCO’s advice against all but essential travel to Bujumbura does not include airside transit through Bujumbura International Airport.

Now what was Himbara trying to prove with his imaginary crisis? I urge all readers to read the following website.


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