Kayumba’s Ridiculous Fictions

Loosing Steam

Kayumba Nyamwasa aka RPF Gakwerere ran off to self-exile. He thought there was something Rwanda specially owed him, more than others. He developed this attitude that he had to be the ruler. When he realized things do not work like that he hatched a plan, to destabilize Rwanda. He planned to begin a rebel war. He, and his masters in a neighboring country are hell-bent on waging war on the democratically elected administration in Kigali.

He resorted to terrorism against innocent Rwandans.

Uganda’s CMI has been recruiting for RNC (with the active participation of RNC), through criminal methods like abducting Rwandans in Uganda. CMI and RNC have been torturing those they abduct, to force them to admit that they are “Kagame’s spies”. But they know very well those are fabricated accusation. It is an excuse to torture people, telling them, “If you aren’t Kagame’s spies, then you must join ‘the army of Kayumba.’”

Others have been luring young Rwandans in refugee camps in Uganda to join RNC through lies that they will find them jobs or visas.

Nyamwasa has also been relentless in a propaganda war of lies and misinformation against Kigali, more specifically President Kagame.

“Gakwerere” aka Nyamwasa is falling lower with his ridiculous fictions these days. This morning he has just given us an alleged breakdown of the travels of the President of Rwanda, in a bid to twist it into “wasteful travel”.

For your information Nyamwasa, the travels of the President of Rwanda are the business of the people of Rwanda, not a terrorist like you. The people of Rwanda see tangible results on the ground, in the investments the President’s travels yield. People see a real change in their lives because of the tireless work of the Head of State as the best ambassador for their country.

President Kagame travels may anger you, Nyamwasa, and inspire you to write much fictions and slanders to discredit him.

You have failed miserably so far.

You will fail miserably again, and again.

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