Himbara, UG Government Minister

When Himbara’s drugs changed, it affected him with schizophrenic delusions of grandeur. He is not only the Government of Uganda’s spokesmen but he is also its Foreign Affairs Minister responding on all international matters that affects Uganda. He happens to be a Rwando-Canadian associated with more than one terrorist group in the region.

Himbara is financed by Rujugiro to tarnish the image of Rwanda and is the chief propagandist of the RNC terror group.

Aware that Uganda is torturing and arresting Rwandans by the hundreds, he prefers to talk about a border under construction. It would seem his writings are determined Uganda’s interest. He rants about fake new travel advisories against travel to Rwanda and insist that Rwanda should open its unclosed border!

Rwanda has not closed its border, it is renovating one of three crossing point and construction is almost complete. Himbara is probably going to smoke something harder and claim the unclosed Rwanda border is reopen due to his silly articles!

Himbara’s obsessions with travel advisories are Ugandan inspired. Rwanda issued a travel warning to its citizens as a result of ongoing persecution of Rwandans by CMI (Uganda’s secret police). Rwanda nationals are detained without trial, tortured, dumped at the border in terrible conditions. No reasonable state would allow its citizens to travel without issuing a warning.

Rwanda is not the only country to warn citizens on travelling to Uganda. Himbara adversely revealed that Rwanda’s only security concern is insecurity in neighbouring countries. A closer look at the warnings Himbara falsely published as new reveal a different picture.

The US ranks Rwanda to be safer than Uganda. The United States would prefer its Citizens in Rwanda if given a choice. Canada, Himbara’s second home (The first being Uganda), goes further. It clearly states that Rwanda is safe but suffer from unstable neighbours while warning against travel to Uganda, banning travel to east Congo and Burundi. The US issued Uganda with its own special category, a K list, warning about Kidnapping.

Uganda’ crime rate, kidnapping in particular, fuelled by corruption is affecting the safety of the region. Kampala is featured in UN reports as a hub off terrorist groups.
The state which Himbara is representing and defending is the only state in EAC to be issuing passports to known terrorists and the only state to give pay outs to kidnappers officially!

Since Himbara is the defacto self-proclaimed government of Uganda Foreign Affairs Minister seeking to re-open a unclosed border, and angered with Rwandans advised not to travel to Uganda, He should address some core issues. He should use his powerful connection in Uganda to stop persecutions of Rwandans, address corruption, crime rate and terrorist activities to obtain Rwanda’s safety rating. He might also want to teach result based management to Uganda and give them a lesson or two in Democracy and rule of law.

Alternatively, his sponsors should increase his monthly stipend for him to afford slightly better quality drugs that will not send him in a hallucination frenzy that Rwanda is not safe.


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  1. Mentally deranged Himbara has gone out of step again this time trying to politicize travel advisory on Rwanda by other countries! Himbara is a self declared Uganda spokesperson and a sympathizer to all Rwandan enemies! He ignores the fact that those countries he is speaking on their behalf are categorized as very unsafe. Truth will always be truth.


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