Uganda amongst highest risk states for kidnap and crime, US government

From Virunga Post

Rwanda categorized “Level 1” – amongst the safest places to be – by the State Department.

By Jackson Mutabazi

The US State Department has introduced a new risk indicator in its travel advisory for those American citizens wishing to travel abroad.

This is the “K indicator” that, according to the State Department’s website, lets US travelers know which countries they will be at risk of being kidnapped, or taken hostage if they travel to them.

Uganda occupies a prime space as one of the most risky countries to go to. It is amongst the most dangerous, crime and kidnapping hotspots of the world. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/News/international-travel-news/k-indicator.html

“The (State) Department issues travel advisories for every country around the world, offering standardized levels of advice based on established risk indicators such as crime, terrorism, civil unrest and other potential risks,” says the website.



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