Himbara end of Month worries

For the first time is over a month, David Himbara has just posted a silly article with more than three paragraph. This time, David writes an open letter to the BBC complaining of a positive documentary produced on Rwanda.

The BBC is not known to give favorable news on Rwanda, in fact, one of its program “BBC Gahuzamiryango” was suspended in Rwanda for constantly being a platform for genocide deniers. Himbara has no issues with negative reports on Rwanda but any positive news attracts his fury.

He betrays himself when he writes, “…This perception of Rwanda fits perfectly with the narrative relentlessly propagandized…” his real only issue is perceptive and narrative.

For months, he has been jubilating at his fallacious fictitious narrative of a poverty-stricken Rwanda. He has been trying to convince the world that Rwanda is not safe, that development is a hoax. The BBC documentary is a slap in his face; it was probably painful for him to see images of a peaceful Kigali. The documentary probably puts at risk his contract to tarnish the image of Rwanda as his sponsors realize that all their efforts and their moneys have not managed to dent Rwanda’s image.

Himbara’s response, to save his job, was to rant in a long article with a few statics pulled from google. A ‘university professor’ incapable of sourcing his arguments or even citing his own academic work is surely only Professor in name. The article is only written to please Rujugiro, Museveni, RNC and FDLR.

The irony, Himbara calls himself a democracy activist yet he will attack free press, block conversation and use lobbyists recommended by Dictators. Well, it is the end of the month, he does need to survive by coning two old men that he is in control of social media, that he has a voice with international reach.

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