Himbara is a hypocrite

Truly himbara’s hypocrisy has no limits. With the fall of Omar al-Bashir, Himbara has been singing victory, secretly hiding his tears. He has been quick to attack President Kagame, whom he served twice, that he will fall to popular uprising.

The hypocrisy of having served him twice cannot be overstated. If, as Himbara alleges, Kagame is a “dictator”, why did he serve him at all?

Himbara’s hypocrisy goes further, Himbara gives us a list of so-called African dictator but omits his boss, Yoweri Museveni who ruled 33 year and who is currently the only one facing serious popular uprising.

The hypocrite forgets to mention anywhere that his master removed age limits.

Himbara had no problem giving $400,000 US Dollars to US lobbyist Podesta whose client list include some of the most brutal dictatorship like the Myanmar Republic, Azerbaijan and Iraq. If he gave such amounts to lobbyist, how much do you think he gave to his RNC terrorists and their genocidal FDLR allies?

Shame on Himbara

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