Himbara’s Geography and Diversions

Under instruction from his sponsor, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Himbara is writing non-sense as usual. For almost 60 days he has been saying that the border of Uganda and Rwanda are closed, blaming Rwanda for the closure. The truth is one out of three crossing point was under construction and now that the construction is 95% complete, soon all three crossing points will be open.

Rwanda never closed its borders and that is a fact, Himbara cannot contest it. Moreover, Himbara needs a lesson in Geography. Rwandans can get to Kenya via Tanzania or taking a longer route to Congo, south Soudan and Kenya. He also seems to forget that there are almost two flights per day linking Nairobi and Kigali.

So, Himbara lied on the border closure and on access to Kenya yet his timing and motives should be understood as follows. Museveni is in trouble; he is busy trying to contain an internal revolt against his barbaric corrupt rule and therefore needs to create a diversion. To do so, he can count on RNC spokesman Himbara and their genocidal FDLR associate. He needs them to start a war or at the very least paint Uganda to be a better place than Rwanda.

The unholy trio are feeling the heat of unlimited deceit and lies, eventually, they will have to wake up to the hard truth that almost no one is listening to them. The few who do listen or read their fabrications are doing so for their amusement as they already know Himbara is lying.

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