A Proverb for Himbara

Himbara is desperate for a headline. He has now opted to quote left and right to make a point. He quotes a Nigerian proverb to insult the President of Rwanda, something he is always doing.

Thank God he has been away from Rwanda for so long as to forget Rwanda proverbs. I want to remind him of one, loosely translated as “A dog was in a hurry to labour, and gave birth to blind offspring”!

His hurries to insults and rumours, he does so with his entire terrorist outfit, the RNC. For lack of an ideology, of a cause, they resort to insults and rumours. He should check his facts, France is not a major player in tourism in Rwanda. Besides trying entrapment, hoping Rwanda fall to his warmongering tricks and opts for war, Rwanda is peaceful.

Hidden behind his keyboard, he is at liberty to publish any lies he so wishes, no one is falling for his cheap reverse psychology stunts. He wants war and despair, Rwanda responds with ‘Kwibuka twiyubaka’, translated as remembrance as we develop, as we move on and forget his bigotry.

The Rwandan nation is moving on without him, it is not going to be panicked by false prophets of doom, who only need company in their self-created hell.

FYI, Himbara, the Emir of the State of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani is in currently in Rwanda and soon the entire states of the Commonwealth will be in Kigali. They will find Himbara and the RNC liars and alarmist whose sole purpose is to tarnish Rwanda. Himbara will be in pain to see his narrative debunked, his RNC plots unmasked.

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