Himbara issues a Terror Threat

David Himbara, the Spokesman of the RNC terrorist group, has written an “open letter” to President Kagame to “assist him secure the arrest” of a Rwandan citizen. It would be a bad April’s fool’s joke, 20 days late, but it is true. Himbara is writing to the President of the Republic of Rwanda.

Just imagine an al-Qaida terrorist writing to the US president about legal matters! Terrorists, in their communications, always have hidden motives. Himbara’s “open letter” is an open threat to Apollo Karusisi Gafaranga, an act of terror. According to Himbara, Apollo is the murderer of Patrick Karegeya, a founding member of the RNC terrorist group. Patrick Karegeya was killed in South Africa, his RNC group is responsible for killing and maiming Rwandans in a series of Grenade attacks.

There is simply no other way to read a letter from a group that threw grenades on innocent civilians at bus stops and other locations, claiming that they know who killed their leader. Himbara is not the prosecutor, announcing suspects, and he is not the judge who will determine guilt. He is writing a letter to the one person he hates most and using the occasion to issue a terrorist coded message.

Hidden in Himbara’s letter, that most reader will find amusing believing him to be a harmless drunk, is a Fatwa – a death sentence decree – to Gafaranga and his family. Yes, Himbara tweets and Facebooks rumors, hearsay and outright lies but he is also a senior member of a terrorist organization. Himbara, a terrorist, is sharing their personal and business details – including their photos – to his operatives. When the RNC mouthpiece says Justice for Karegeya, he is not calling for justice but revenge. RNC has killed innocent civilians for less than an open accusation of killing their leader.

We all know to what happens to Rwandans in Uganda when RNC doesn’t like you and you refuse to join them. You are arbitrarily arrested or kidnapped, illegally imprisoned, tortured and most likely dumped at the border.

The letter is of no other substance, after all, where is the crime in “Significant Circumstantial Evidence That You Know Gafaranga”? In the letter itself, Himbara says, “the Rwandan business community is tiny — and you know all of its members”. South Africa, Canada, and Rwanda should note this letter’s facts. Himbara a terrorist spokesperson has issued threats to Gafaranga and his family.

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