Himbara’s Fake victory lap

Himbara has once again exposed his ignorance of legal practice.

Exited about the Patrick Karegeya inquest, Himbara published a victory lap article misleading his readers that an important court battle has been won against President Kagame. Deliberately or out of ignorace, Himbara and his RNC fellows missed the keyword, INQUEST!

An inquest is normally a coroner’s proceeding to answer questions surrounding a person’s death. It is usually used to determine who the person was and what actually killed him, it is not a trial. In some circumstances, inquest are held post-trial. The key difference is that an inquest answers questions and does not determine guilt or innocence. The accused party is not even present in the inquest, the state, the family or even an insurance company, have questions and an inquest attempts to answer them.

Now that their questions have been answered, Himbara is confusing inquest answers to a court verdict. I think it is deliberate as he is desperate to divert from a key question not answered in his inquest. Who was Patrick Karegeya?

RNC presents Karegeya as outspoken critic, omitting the violent part in delivering his ‘opinion’. Karegeya was not a human right activist or an exiled politicians. He orchestrated a wave of grenades attacks and was still plotting violent terrorist attacks.

Now that the inquest is over, and since Himbara is singing victory, we should ask him who was found guilty? Who, in his mind, was convicted of killing a terrorist? In a trial, whoever will be accused will have lawyers and will present his case. That’s precisely what Himbara is afraid of, a case that will bring forth all RNC’s criminal activities.

Himbara should note my last point, the criminal and terrorist nature of RNC will be exposed. Himbara should get a good lawyer, especially since he is incapable of differentiating a trial and an inquest.

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