Did Winnie just say Accountability?

After huge salary scandals, sexual exploitation sandals, Winnie Byanyima has the audacity to ask for accountability. She has never taken responsibility or accountability (not even for personal matters affecting state affaires), but she is asking for it. She did not take responsibility to what happened under her directorship.

Using her Oxfam directorship or dictatorship as some call it, she tweets about Rwanda and Uganda tensions.

Oxfam has guidelines about that abusing power, conflicts of interest, yet its Director is allowed to violate its code of conduct publicly on tweeter. Imagine what would happen to Oxfam’s image if its entire staff were allowed to comment on national politics. I will not bore you with her conflict of interest in the Rwanda-Uganda saga; It would take a 250 pages book.

She hides behind her unlimited mandate to end human suffering, but when it doesn’t suite her, she keeps quiet about human suffering and makes OXFAM stay quiet. All that using UK tax payers moneys, donations and grants that would otherwise do humanitarian work.

Her reckless political partisanship hurt all NGO’s and Charitable organizations.

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  1. Absolutely, Byanyima has of recent got interested in commenting on political issues in a partisan manner! And when it comes to the problems between Rwanda and Uganda, her leaning towards her former Boy friend “Exhibit 1510” a.k.a Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is very shocking! The woman does not want to see or hear the truth about these real issues but goes ahead and creates moral equivalence between President Kagame and President Museveni! If madam Byanyima is eyeing a fat job in 2021 after her Oxfam contract expires, she should try to do it with some minimum level of honesty.


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