David Himbara blinded by fury

Himbara describes himself as a professor, an activist, and worse as an educator. He spends his time blogging about Rwanda and its President in particular.

He is now trying to educate us about alleged war crimes committed when he was a high-ranking government official. Truth be told, he is furious that his exit charade was almost unnoticed back in 2002, he came back in 2006 to try another spectacular exit in 2009 with almost as little impact as his 2002 stunt.

Himbara is not fooling anyone; the UN clear identified his P5 group as a source of regional instability. His criminal network currently fuelling war and misery is Congo is very well documented. Some of his deputies caught in Congo on their way to commit war crimes. Himbara will face justice and like Bashir, it will come as a surprise.

Back to Himbara’s fury, I guess he heard the news of his ally the FDLR leader passing in a German prison. Working for or with Genocidal forces will get him nowhere, someone should tell him that. His association with FDLR, his P5 group will get him a Bashir end or worse.

I cannot express this in stronger terms, Bashir is the opposite of President Kagame but Himbara might have a few common traits with Bashir. How can Himbara justify his allegiance with FDLR, with Grenade throwers, with regimes fuelling Rwandophobia?

Let me educate this self proclaimed activists. Pick an ideology, a belief, pick an orientation and stick to it. Since you chose terrorism and found proven genocidal forces as allies, stay away from morality. It should be relatively easy for you given your lack of apathy to decency.

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