#1510 #1514 Diplomatic Corruption

M7 and His Envoys.

We all know corruption cases #1510 Museveni and #1514 his foreign affairs minister. We are now learning about a new corruption scandal in Canada. It involves Uganda diplomatic agents, did #1510 and #1514 sent corrupt officials to represent them abroad?

Chimpreport gave us an interesting story of how Canada invalidated the Ugandan first secretary visa, fancy way of hiding a fact that the Ugandan official has been thrown out, declared non grata. Chimpreport gives us a polished version, Mr Allan Tazenya’s visa cancelled for corruption, they conveniently forget to mention the rampant corruption scandal in their Diplomatic Corps.

Mr #1510, Kaguta Yoweri Museveni the sovereign, his Head of Foreign envoys #1514 and now diplomatic agents! Makes me wonder, what is Ugandan foreign policy? Has corruption become so trivial and rampant in Uganda’s foreign policy or is that the policy?

Diplomats are taught the 3 Ps. (Project, Promote, Protect) their country of origin.
1- How do you Project #1510 and #1514?
Mr Allan projects both his boses by behaving like them!
2- How do you Promote #1510 and #1514?
Mr Allan promotes his bosses best products, grand scale corruption!
3- How do you Protect #1510 and #1514?
Ask Chimpreport for a lipstick story that blame the poor Allan Tazenya for doing the first two Ps, hang the mocking bird!

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