Himbara Tempting Women

After Bullying a media Lady, David Himbara finally remembers to be Gender sensitive. I will call him the tempter, for the simple fact that he seems to do the same job as the devil.

Mental breakdown

He is playing the serpent in the Garden of Eden, tempting women to cause havoc, and promising unlimited rewards. The greatest trick the devil pulled on humanity is creating a belief that the devil does not exist. Himbara’s master is teaching him well, instructing him to divert attention to three women while hoping that we will forget about Kayumba – Gasana – Himbara.

RPF Gakwerere

So David wants to draw attention to three women, not because he has converted his misogynists ways, but rather because he wants Kayumba – Gasana – Himbara left alone to seed temptation and misery. If he was not tempting them, he would take the risk too, he would take the first flight back to Rwanda and start a protest. But We all know he will use his computer, far away, and call Rujugiro for more campaign money, more money to tweet and Facebook.

Millions to facebook and Tweeter

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