A Bitter Morning For Himbara

Himbara and Diplomatic Quest!

As established, we should not expect any form of intellectual content or analysis. As he wakes up from his usual weekend binge drinking, drinking hard earned RNC propaganda cash, he will wake up to bad news. There are rumors that one of his actors, Sankara, has been arrested. So far, no confirmation from either RNC or their associates (NFL / FLN), FDLR or similar. Himbara will probably try to divert our attention with a tour around the world with his diplomatic updates.

So far, Himbara has missed major breaking news such as the FDLR officials arrested and arraigned in Rwandan courts. These FDLR were caught as they travelled from Uganda to DRC Congo. Kampala, the RNC headquarter, has not commented on the story. Kampala has also kept quiet about Ugandan Passports issued to FDLR and RNC officials. Conspicuously, Himbara has also kept quiet about all stories that might negatively affect moral within their unholy alliance.

RNC and armed opposition against Rwanda, is losing steam. The cause is simple. Himbara and his allies have lied so much that even their supporters lost confidence. Last week, all lies were focused on a narrative that poverty is rampant in Rwanda and that the UN could have stopped the Genocide against Tutsis but that President Kagame block them. Instead of giving us data to illustrate his rampant poverty claims, he recycled a narrative that Rwandans are fleeing poverty, gave us a picture or two.

Himbara, and his bosses, demand absolute and blind obedience. They are told not to question any cheap tactics but to follow blindly trusting that their leaders have a strategy. Their leaders, fortunately, are busy tweeting and fakebooking, inciting other to revolt as they stay safely behind screens. We are just about to taste Himbara’s spin bad news with imaginary conflicts.

Typically, he will point to an imaginary challenge that Rwanda is facing, call his financier, and tell them that he had a hard day in his struggle against Rwanda.   

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