Himbara’s Diminishing IQ


Himbara has been accusing President Kagame, who he worked for twice, of having blocked the UN in stopping the genocide against Tutsis in 1994. These revelations are made during the 25th commemoration ceremony in an effort to sabotage the one person alive to have led real action against genocide.

If Himbara was an honest man, he would reveal that his admiration for President Paul Kagame was such that he did everything possible to work for the President. If he was honest, he would recall how proud he was working for the leader that stopped the genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda.

His dishonesty, his frauds and inferiority complex got him fired once, and pushed him out a second time. With only fraud and manipulation on his belt, he is now trying to lie to the world that he worked for a monster. As the say goes, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”. He forgets that he once praise President Paul Kagame, then slandered him, came back to praising him and now he went back to slander. Who believes such a person, who would not label him a conman, a fraud, a manipulator?

The world knows is his the RNC’s chief propagandist, an armed outfit that now has Genocidal forces as allies. He will deny this and pretend to be a human rights activist who will block any attempt to a debate. David Himbara’s attacks on the President are found in the lowest form of intellect, his ad hominem attacks (attacks on the person) are usually for those with no content in their argument.  

A quick look at Himbara’s blog reveals a serious lack of content. It reads Kagame this, Kagame that, topped it off with his recycled narrative and you are left wondering what he is writing about.

It causes more than one reader to ask me if indeed Himbara is a PHD holder. I have also struggled with it, and I can only promise to investigate his credentials. I suspect his lack of content is explained by a simple fact: – Himbara is a sore loser. He is unable to digest that he is now irrelevant after attempting to topple government with a click of extremist. He should admit it, he lost it all trying to reach for more, he tried to fly higher and burnt his wings like Icarus.

He should enlighten us and tell us about his role in stopping the Genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda, or just entertain us with a real demonstration of his intellect by arguing facts. Then again, defeat is a bitter pill to swallow, perhaps he lost his mind and is in need of medical help?    

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