Himbara & RPF Gakwerere’s selective memory.

RPF Gakwerere is just about to explode with anger and envy. Himbara too suffers from the same syndrome. They are hurt that the useless propaganda, their sleepless nights cooking up lies have crumbled.

They aimed to damage President Kagame’s reputation with all their fakebook credit, with all their might, and now they have to swallow the bitter taste of defeat.

It is going to become an acquired taste for them, defeat and defeat, it will drive them over the edge. They have attacked the President on every front and lost, RPF Gakwerere even tried attacking the first family but failed miserably. Himbara tried with his blogs but failed, now he attempts personal attacks. They should get used to misery, as it should be for anyone engaging in Genocide denials.

Lets take a moment and recap what the mad RPF Gakwerere and his Liar in Chief went through this week. His Professor of blood economics, Himbara, came up with a diabolical concept of Genocide credit (Failed), they then went out of their way to pressure and sabotage all commemoration activities (Failed), tried to start a war (Failed), tried to incite revolt (Failed). We have to pity their keyboards, innocent victims of Kayumba’s camp serial failures.

Now, they are screaming, kicking that the only leader alive to have stopped a Genocide is commercialising Genocide. For the sake of clarity, let it be know that no one else understand their senseless attacks. We all understand they are now looking for support from Genocidal forces like FDLR. We know President Kagame is fighting to keep us safe from them and their FDLR associates.

President Kagame stopped the Genocide against Tutsiss in Rwanda, the world thanks him, Rwanda thanks him. RPF Gakwerere, Himbarae might as well thank him to, we know he saved their families too.

Excepting gratitude from a mentally unstable General and a clown like Himbara, both reduced to social media noise, might be unrealistic, lets just hope someone close to them gets them medical help. Surely, Kayumba Gakwerere is crazy, take a look at Himbara facial expressions and you will know he too has gone crazy!

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