Himbara and Theology

Once again, David Himbara is misleading his readers. Churches were given basic standards to meet (sanitary facilities, Parking space, etc…) and most of them conformed. He then throws in names of Pastors in conflict with the law for embezzlement, inciting violence, sexual harassment, in an effort to confuse readers.

It’s clear Himbara will say anything as long as it’s against Rwanda. The extent he would go to in criticizing anything Rwandan is astonishing. Is he asking a Pastor to censor and only pray for the holier than thou? Obviously, he has no idea what Christianity stands for and would find it difficult to attend church service (hangover issues); unless service is held at night in a bar.

Christians around the world should say a prayer for Himbara; that the demons of ego and envy, lust and hate release his soul.

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