Gwakerere Virtual Imagination


An RNC account gives us perfect insight as to how they would manage government, thank God that is as impossible as the sun sending snow our way. The fake account, rpf Gakwerere, gives us an insider look to RNC mind-set. They are virtual in every sense of the way, nothing real, just virtual.

RPF Gakwerere writes about a virtual investigation, in his virtual world, and expects us to believe his virtual creations. His virtual imagination has no limits. According to him, from his Facebook hide out, he can not only hear Presidential conversations, monitor bars in Kigali, access medical data in Kenya, but he also happens to be capable of reading minds. – From his ‘fakebook’ account.

I do wish he could read my mind; it would certainly avoid me the effort of restraining myself as I write. A hint, in my mind, I am thinking about his parents’ failure to raise anything worth more than a cigarette. In truth, Gakwerere is very similar to a cigarette to his parents, family and friends. They spent time and money on him and in exchange, the likely reward will be cancer.

RNC has a toxic operative, we can only be glad that he will intoxicate them beyond belief wasting their time in virtual make believe. The anonymous account hold should ask himself one question, what will he do when his friends rat him out? What will he do when technology advances to decrypt the crumbling wall of privacy online?

To appease him, I will offer him a virtual price. RPF Gakwerere, I am hereby granting you Lake Kivu as your personal swimming pool. Enjoy your virtual gift, virtually, in reality you have nothing! Its fake news, fake gifts, fake stories, fake investigations. Have your virtual beer and enjoy your imaginary war. We are glad RNC is in possession of such a toxic asset.

To all his virtual friends out there, help him claim his price, let him know he has a virtual Lake Kivu.

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