HIMBARA’s allergies

RDF Promotions.

As is customary with any army, some promotions and transfers were announced yesterday in the Rwandan Defense Force leadership. Some top official have been redeployed, promoted or transferred. As we, normal citizens realize the normalcy of the next day here in Rwanda, we should rest assured that in a few hours, when Himbara wakes up and give a conspiracy theory.

His disconnect is amplified by time zones, and such a juicy news required him to google a few facts as he prepares a series of in depth review. He will most likely wake up early to polish a few lies masked as inside information. Thankfully, his disconnect should enable us to have lunch in peace here in Rwanda. Unable to keep up, Gicibwa will give us an unbelievable twist to attract readers. Little does he know that most people will be reading about it as they read a tabloid, a parody accounts.

The RNC Liar in Chief likes RDF stories, Presidential nominations; it might be that he simply hopes one day to see his name included. Until then, without his name, all nominations must face attacks as elements that point to a disaster fueling his imaginary war. Yet far from harmless tabloid and parody, as the RNC chief propaganda officer, his rants contain venomous objectives. The articles he writes are deliberate attempts to seed discontent, hate, and division.

If I were a betting man, I would bet that in his poisonous comments, he will most likely take us for a ride into reading family connections, clans and tribes. How lucky are we that he is not in the same time zone? I do not exclude the possibility that he is in our time zone physically but that alcohol mixed with depression sends him back and forth in a lunatic frenzy.

In future articles, we will explore more of Himbara’s known allergies. So far, Peace, Nominations, and Development are top on the list.

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