Himbara, Racism and Diplomacy.

Himbara racist comments.

The RNC extraordinary and plenipotentiary envoy has launched his diplomatic offensive. When Himbara decided to bedazzle the world with his knowledge of diplomacy, he did so by publishing about an Ambassador taking part in community service. He followed that article with a series of publications on South African, EAC, Canada and Sudan. All along, he stays true to his reputation of incoherent work, edging closer to a complete schizophrenic breakdown.

Of particular interest was his featured article on Rwanda’s relations with the South Africa. He claims that Rwanda is demanding that South Africa normalizes relations, “or else”. – A first in diplomacy. Our RNC analyst knows very well that his article is misleading; he is simply trying to provoke or entice South Africa. He figured that if he backed South Africa into a corner saying Rwanda ordered normalization “or else”, South Africa would refuse normalization. (Needless to state that he prefers conflict between Rwanda and South Africa)

Mr Liar in Chief, I do have Breaking News for you. South Africa is aware of cheap trickery; it will definitely not fall for a simple reverse psychology trick. Himbara actually insults his readers’ intelligence too with such low level manipulating tactics. Furthermore, his insults crossed a line in his bizarre critique of Rwanda Cooperation Initiative (RCI). With a condescending tone fueled by a misplaced superiority complex, Gicibwa dives into racial slur against Africa.

“Lord have mercy. Some naive African country is going to fall for this delusional artful deception.”

Associating naivety with an entire country is wrong; annexing Africa to his ill-advised simile is scandalous. The self-proclaimed diplomat, international relations analyst, blinded by hate will not hesitate to insult an entire continent if it harms Rwanda. We mentioned Himbara list of known allergies in previous articles, factors that will send him in a crisis mode and give him a series of minute heart attacks, Rwanda’s success stories are seriously harmful to his health (mental health in particular).

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